Spay & Neuter Request Form

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Spay/ Neuter Request Form

This form is used to request a pre-surgical exam with one of our staff members for a spay/neuter.

A Pre-Surgical Appointment performed less than 1-month prior to surgery is required for all SPAY/NEUTER procedures [except rescue organizations]. Vaccinations and pre-op lab work are performed on your pet during this time. Lab work performed PRIOR to the day of surgery is LESS EXPENSIVE than lab work performed the SAME DAY as surgery. Please fill out all of the following information and be as detailed as possible and review the Spay & Neuter Terms | Conditions | FAQs before submitting.

Review our Payment Policy and please fill out | return the Authorization to Provide Veterinary Services Form, 2nd Chances Payment Authorization Form attached.

Additional information will be sent to you to complete 24 hours prior to your arrival.
This form is for ROUTINE spay or neuter procedures and SHOULD NOT be used for emergency procedures, including PYOMETRA.

  If you are a RESCUE, click here for your RESCUE SPECIFIC Spay/Neuter request form.


Contact from the hospital is via TEXT and EMAIL. Please plan accordingly.
Contact from the hospital is via TEXT and EMAIL. Please plan accordingly.


Pricing based on patient’s weight & age. Pets are weighed on the DAY OF SURGERY and is the weight used for pricing
If you have a dog, are they vaccinated for leptospirosis?
If your pet is found to have a HEART MURMUR on an exam, do you want to proceed with surgery?
[DOGS: Bulldog, Boxer, Shih tzu’, Pug, Pekingese, Boston, Shih tzu, Brussels, etc, CATS: Persian, Himalayan, etc?].
Your pet MAY benefit from waiting to spay/ neuter until >1-YEAR Your pet MAY benefit from a PROPHYLACTIC GASTROPEXY(stomach-tack) to prevent bloat | GDV
[Including but not limited to: FEMALES: in-heat/recent heat; possibly-pregnant; previous litters or c-section; MALES: undescended testicle(s)/cryptorchid.]
[microchip, nail trim, check anal glands, vaccinations, heartworm test, FeLV/FIV test, Heartworm/Flea/Tick preventative, etc?
[very friendly, timid | shy | nervous fearful; dominant | aggressive; hyperexcitable | really wiggly – describe in detail]
**The ability to obtain lab samples on your pet prior to surgery is highly dependent on your pet’s stress level and their willingness to cooperate to obtain a sample without risk of harming either the pet or staff members**

Pre-op lab work panels obtained prior to the day of surgery are sent out to a reference lab. The doctor will review the results prior to surgery. You may not be contacted about the results. You can request to have the results emailed to you. Learn More
Up to 7-days of Trazodone +/- Gabapentin [Dogs] or Gabapentin [Cats]
The cost of ALL SPAY surgery covers 48-hours of pain relief and include both injections and oral medications before, during, and after surgery to go home.
For NEUTER surgeries: Cats and Puppies under 12-weeks of age receive 24-hours of pain relief and include both injections and oral medications before, during, and after surgery.
Dogs over 12-weeks of age receive 48-hours of pain relief and include both injections and oral medications before, during, and after surgery to go home.
  • Pricing is based on the pet’s age & weight the DAY OF SURGERY.
  • Neither a doctor exam or consultation is included in spay/neuter package pricing during either a pre-surgical spay/neuter or the day of surgery. If you need a problem or concern addressed with your pet while here for surgery, additional charges will apply.
  • Additional services and surgical procedures and considerations have additional charges
  • Older/geriatric patients, overweight/obese, brachycephalic, or pets with underlying medical conditions may incur additional charges.
  • If vaccine records | proof of RABIES vaccination is not provided; a rabies vaccine will be REQUIRED during your pet’s visit.
  • Failure to answer all questions may result in appointment | procedure delay, rescheduling or cancellation.
  • Email both vaccine and medical records to If vaccine records are not provided a rabies vaccine will be required the day of surgery.
  • Provide both your pet’s medical and vaccination records PRIOR TO the appointment time. Not providing records could delay your pet’s care, increase wait time, and incur additional charges.
A Pre-Surgical Appointment performed <1-month prior to surgery is required for all SPAY/NEUTER procedures [except rescue organizations or under special pre-arranged circumstances]. This appointment will be used to perform a pre-surgical exam** [helping detect underlying medical concerns such as a HEART MURMUR, collect any requested pre-operative labwork^^, discuss desired additional [surgical] procedures, perform any vaccinations that may be required/due^^++, send home the pet’s pre-operative [and post-operative medications], fit your pet for a surgical recovery suit [if desired], and confirm payment access. A pre-surgical appointment can be scheduled ON THE SAME DAY as SURGERY in certain circumstances. Pre-surgical appointment cost starts at $40.00 and increases based on services / products / procedures chosen. performed by veterinary staff

^^patient temperament dependent – some pets require sedation prior to services performed^^
++Vaccinations can help protect animals from life threatening diseases, and some vaccinations, such as Rabies, are required by Colorado law. Proof of RABIES vaccine is REQUIRED prior to surgery. If you cannot show proof of RABIES vaccination on/before the date of surgery, a rabies vaccine will be administered the day of surgery and charged accordingly. Vaccinations can be safely given to the animal the same day of certain surgical procedures, including spay/neuter; and this is much safer for your pet than remaining unvaccinated. Be aware that an animal’s immune system creates a stronger response and immunity when vaccinations are not given on the same day of surgery as it would when given at least 2-weeks prior to or 2-weeks after any sedative, anesthetic, or surgical event. ++

All pricing/fees subject to change at any time without notice. $50.00 NON-REFUNDABLE DEPOSIT REQUIRED TO MAKE ANY SPAY/NEUTER SURGERY RESERVATION

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Read: Your Pet’s Upcoming Anesthetic & Surgical or Dental Procedure for additional information on how to prepare your pet for their procedure day and what to expect as a pet parent when visiting Second Chances Veterinary Care.
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Read: Spay & Neuter Discharge Instructions & Potential Complications

ALL SPAY & NEUTER SURGERIES INCLUDE…[for pets who have already completed their pre-surgical appointment PRIOR TO the day of surgery…] Office visit; staff services; brief surgical exam; hospital occupancy; premedication/oral sedation; anesthesia, surgery, local/regional anesthesia; and 24-72hrs* of pain medication. Pain medications included in the cost of surgery.