Rescue Spay & Neuter Request Form

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Rescue Spay/ Neuter Request Form

*All pricing/fees subject to change without notice*

No Pre-Surgical Appointment Required for SPAY/NEUTER surgery! ($45 value!)

Spay / Neuter Pricing INCLUDES

  • Office visit
  • Staff/Nursing care services
  • Pre-surgical assessment
  • Pre-medication – including medications for sedation & anxiety
  • Anesthesia [pre-medications, induction, gas anesthesia & maintenance]^^
  • Day boarding & patient care
  • Sterilization certificate/copy of medical records [via email]
  • Pain Control**

    • local/regional anesthesia/analgesia
    • Anti-inflammatory or narcotic if needed
    • Oral medication to go home**

^^Any need for medication reversal agents; non-routine anesthetic interventions; or need for CPR may incur additional costs^^

***Pain control:* NSAID included for a total of [including day of surgery] 24-hrs [all male cats & kittens; male puppies <12 weeks]; **48-hrs** [all male puppies & adult dogs >12 weeks; female puppies <12 weeks; all female cats & kittens] **72-hrs** [all female dogs & puppies > 12 weeks]**

NOT INCLUDED in Spay / Neuter Pricing

  • Doctor exam & evaluation – provided at a 20% discount from client exam pricing
  • IV-catheter +/- fluids – always recommended for spays, older patients, patients with underlying medical conditions, any additional/add-on surgical procedures to the spay/neuter
  • SQ fluids
  • Pre-anesthetic lab work
  • E-collar/Cone or Surgical Recovery Suit
  • Sedatives to go home to ensure quick healing & recovery
  • Additional pain medication (recommended for some spays & cryptorchid neuters)
  • Brachycephalic Breeds – IV catheter may be required**** **
  • Additional anesthesia >1-hour $100/hour


  • DOG SPAY – $199 – $399

  • DOG NEUTER – $159 – $349

  • CAT SPAY  $99 – $139

  • CAT NEUTER – $79 – $99

  • FERAL CAT SPAY/NEUTER – $79-$99 (must allow ear tip for feral pricing**)



Pet #1

If you have a dog, are they vaccinated for leptospirosis?
[in-heat, (possibly) pregnant, previous litters, retained testicle(s), abdominal wall hernia, unattached hind-dewclaws etc]
Fecal, Heartworm, Tick/HW Flex-4, FeLV, FIV, Urine/UA, Bloodwork, etc.
Check wound(s); check ears; check eyes; diarrhea, etc. - provide a detailed history. An additional examination fee will be applied.
E-collar; trim nails, check anal glands; flea treatment, etc.

ALL SPAY & NEUTER SURGERIES INCLUDE…[for pets who have already completed their pre-surgical appointment PRIOR TO the day of surgery…] Office visit; staff services; brief surgical exam; hospital occupancy; premedication/oral sedation; anesthesia, surgery, local/regional anesthesia; and 24-72hrs* of pain medication. Pain medications included in the cost of surgery.