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Affordable Urgent Care, Surgical and Dental Services

URGENT Care Exams starting at $80

Same Day Appointments Available

**technician-driven appointments when available**
Providing care when you do not have a regular vet or when your regular vet is unavailable.




Now Offering Advanced Surgical Procedures

About Second Chances Veterinary Care

How do we help YOU and YOUR pet get a second chance? We are an affordably priced outpatient surgery, procedural, and urgent care-focused veterinary clinic. Our first mission is to provide no-nonsense veterinary care at a reasonable cost. Pet parents deserve the chance to give their furry friend the care it needs, and we believe all pets deserve a second chance.

Our second mission is to be a resource for a network of local general, ER, urgent care, and specialty practices for clients who cannot afford the treatment plans presented to them. Each practice has its own unique costs for providing services, so understandably, each needs to charge accordingly for their time, staff, services, equipment, inventory, and overhead. Owners find that the cost of any given treatment plan can vary from one practice type to another. At the root of our mission is the desire to extend care to more pets in need while working hand-in-hand with their family veterinarian.

Affordable Pet Surgery offered in Wheat Ridge, CO, and the surrounding Denver Metro Region

Veterinary Care Services Offered in Wheat Ridge, CO

Second Chances Veterinary Care is a veterinary clinic offering surgical services to help pets live healthier, happier lives. The clinic provides affordable surgical care to dogs and cats, including those requiring more complex procedures.

Meet The Veterinary Team

Second Chances Veterinary Care is a renowned animal hospital that provides exceptional medical care to pets in need. The veterinary team at Second Chances is comprised of skilled professionals who are dedicated to their patient’s well-being. Our team’s expertise involves performing surgical procedures, including difficult urgent care surgery, elective soft tissue surgery, amputations, and eye surgery.

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